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High Precision Digital Flow Quality Measurement Equipment
High Precision Digital Flow Quality Measurement Equipment

    1. Outline
    To oilfield measurement, digital, intelligent, and the development of oil fields so that the management of science and technology research and development, our company invented FD-II High Precision Digital Flow Quality Measurement Equipment, high-tech equipment, under various conditions can be used. The product has the following features : 1. High accuracy 2.Fast 3. Stable performance 4. Reliable 5. Automation 6. Digital 7. A calibration function. The equipment used in the process of automatically measuring quality, automatic pressure measurement, automatic measuring temperature, which can also be measured water leakage, IPC imported processed after measuring, then, storage IPC database, which can transfer and print digital statements.

    2. Performance and Structure
    High Precision Digital Flow Quality Measurement Equipment is a new type of equipment, using an electronic weigh scales, dump added fluid, multi-wells enter, single well measurement, computer processing, multi-pass distributor using a rigid sealed, dump in stainless steel dump material, switches using a special handling material,its hardness of 62 degrees, high wear, high corrosion, high temperatures and good sealing  Resistance. The patent No. : 972496971.

    3. Use
    The equipment can be no room in the wild, but insulation measures to be implemented in winter, but also in the measurement room, the equipment is installed easy , covers less, and therefore could also use on the offshore platforms.

    4. Flow Measurement Methods
    (1). When the oil pump is used for the single well, the oil-pipeline entered into multi-pass distributor, but also entered the multi-well up to the nineteen wells, at least seven wells, when liquid is input into the multiple-distributor, the switches work, requiring measurement of well position alignment and then enters in the tank weighing, measuring for the single well.
    (2). Using Electronic scale for measurement
When the borehole liquid flows through a buffer tube to the dump, the quality sensors begin to work, at that time IPC show will be shown the quality of flowing liquid, while IPC take the weight for storage, after double bucket IPC calculate the average and store in the database.
    (Note: When the dump added fluid, the crude oil is expected to enter, at that time it doesn’t measuring, when the industrial computer reset the signal down to zero then measurement.) After taking the weight, closing switching signals, the second bucket begins to measuring, and industrial computer for data processing. After measuring the output of the first well stored in the database, it may transfer and print the statements of the production, the production conditions of per annual, month, day and hour. The dynamic error of measuring weight is 0.5% and 1%.
    The equipment test the single well, the smallest production is three cubic per day, the largest is 200 cubic. Work pressure 1.6mpa and 2.5mpa ,with the temperature from 0℃  to 100℃.
    (3) Type B of this equipment is tested wells fluid production and the volume of water leakage. when Well need to be measured fluid production, at the same time measuring the water leakage into the single well with the total volume of fluid volume minus volume of water leakage, that is the single well production. This equipment is controlled by computer and can store the database, print statements. The device has fluid production curve and single well fluid production Fig. and water leakage Fig..
    (4). Removal of the liquid. After the measurement, the liquid into storage tube, gas pressure into the duct, the gas is the source of the gas of the multi-wells.

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